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How much does a wedding magician cost


A professional magicians fee will usually range from between two hundred and fifty and one thousand pounds? But that sounds expensive. Well it isn’t. A good magician has spent their life learning their craft and it didn’t come for free either.

You are paying for a life time of experience and dedication to the art of magic.

But there is a lot more to consider, a magician has to look extremely presentable. Where has the magician travelled from? Then theres the cost of props, fuel and more. If you are interested in hiring a magician I advise you learn about that magician, what experience do they have, ask for up to date testimonials, pick up the phone and talk to that magician. My number is 07715847691, feel free to give me a call.

Also, be wary of low fees.
There is an old saying in business; ‘You get what you pay for.' That also rings true with magicians and entertainers in show business.

Fee’s can vary BUT it is true that you get exactly what you pay for.

There is a problem in the wedding industry, many amateur magicians very quickly attempt to turn professional. This is true and not only for magicians. This happens because people are in knowledge that the wedding industry is lucrative.

Uncle Johns good at taking photo’s and decides he wants to turn professional so he starts charging £200. In an interview John said:
“My photos are great. My wife thinks they're better than the local photographers so i’m going to start doing weddings and i’ll be cheaper than the other local guys so ill get all the work. Ill be minted."

Julies cakes are quite tasty, so she is deciding to sell her home made cakes for weddings. Julie said;
“My cakes are right tasty, I am going to start making them for weddings. I’ll just do em’ like usual but a lot bigger and charge less than all the other people doing them".

Bill the magician can make a rabbit appear and he has decided it’s time to entertain as a professional, we caught up with him for a quick chat: “I heard other magicians are making their loving from performing tricks so I thought i’d give it a try. I bought myself a suit. What have I got to lose?"

But surely cheap means good? No, cheap does NOT mean good, cheap means CHEAP.
Ask yourself this, if that individuals service is up to standard then why are they charging such a small amount.
To get experience? Your wedding day is not a place to test material. There are other places and events to trial routines.

Answer; Maybe they know their magic and entertainment is not up to standard of a working professional.

Low fees from below standard services are damaging for industries, why? Low fees usually mean a poor service, you are not receiving the best you could and more importantly your guests will recognise this. Also, if you saw a bad performer at a wedding it may well put you off using those facitiles should the need arise. Because you are not aware of how much the bride and groom have paid for that service so you may well assume that is the standard quality of service across the board.

Do you think that’s bad? Well what about companies like photographers or caterers offering FREE ADD ON ENTERTAINMENT like a magician or a DJ to entice you to book them. That’s right, you hire a service such as a photographer and they will include some entertainment for free, sounds great right? Actually, no! What you don’t realise is they are paying next to nothing for this entertainment. To the bride and groom their wedding day is important as it reflects them. A bride and groom want their guests to talk about how amazing their wedding was, not about the bad entertainment . QUALITY MATTERS. If there is one negative thing in your planned event then sadly that is what your guests will talk about. So think, just exactly why is somebody offering something for free or as cheap as chips.

There are lots of experienced, wonderful and professional wedding services available so be sure to select the right ones.

Thank you very much for taking your time to read. If you are looking for a magician then get in touch.

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