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My first blog & stuff


Hello. I have held off running a blog for a long time, life is busy, thats good right.

I have been a full time magician since I was fifteen years old and I have somehow managed to avoid a real job, probably because i’m unemployable. I found an interest in magic twenty two years ago, my brother somehow made a salt pot vanish, I was left amazed. He taught me the method and I couldn’t stop performing the vanishing salt pot illusion.

I did my first paid job accidentally, I was fourteen years old and it was 1999. I received a phone call from a company asking if i’d perform magic for them, they previously watched me perform at a girls ‘Last Wish’ charity party. I thought the company were asking me to do it for free but then the lady calling asked ‘How much will it be please?’. With no idea what to charge I quickly remembered reading a section in a magic magazine whereby a magician stated he picked up a fee of two hundred pounds (in todays money that’s around two hundred and seventy eight pound). Anyway, my voice went a little deeper as I acted adult ; ‘it’ll two hundred pound love’. They asked for an invoice, I didn’t have a printer so I wrote something by hand and posted it to them after the ‘gig’.

Age fifteen (almost sixteen) I started working for a company in Spain. I was technically a good sleight of hand magician. I was given an opportunity to perform close up magic and present little shows. I was young and had a lot to learn, I did learn but applied the majority years later. After a year or so I moved to York, a friend offered me a room. I tried a temporary job but I couldn't stick it for longer than a day. After a couple of weeks my friend had to leave the house we were in, so the room I was in was no longer an option. I found myself on the streets of York, yes homeless, am I serious, yes. Did I tell my friends, no! Walking the centre I met a street performer, he was plonking a piano, he finished his set so I approached him. Telling him I am a magician, he advised I try my hand at busking. so I did.

With no silver spoon and desperate to make money to survive I had to perform. I literally scraped a few props together from the bottom of my bag and put a show together. The show got better and I made a little money. More time passed, my show got better and I made more and I got on my feet (just). I was approached by a company hosting a street entertainment festival in York and I was asked to perform my street show, only this time they are paying me. I am eighteen, feeling good about my life and busking. The festival went well and I met a street performer from London, he encouraged me to travel south to perform in Covent Garden, he told me he’d put me up whilst I got on my feet. It all sounded too good to be true.

After a couple of months, I packed up my room in York to head south. I arrived in London, jumped off the train and was astonished at how many people were performing on the streets. I performed a show and my performing friend showed up who I believed I’d be staying with. Turned out he wasn’t all he made out on the phone. He was starting fights with street performers, he was racist and looking back I’d say he was drunk. We were due to head to his house, it was late and a night bus pulled up, he jumped on and he turned to me and said “you can either get on or make your own way”. I thought to myself, ‘what a prick.' My mind performed a quick calculation, 'Iv’e got around £100 on me, I may scrape a hotel, theres no way I am getting on this bus.' so I replied, “See you later”. I made an exit and headed for a hotel. I called a friend (on my Nokia digital plus) I met from my days in Spain, he was living in Stowmarket. I visited him and he put me up for a couple of months, he helped more than I could realise. He not only pulled me out of a tough time but also unknowingly encouraged me to pursue my dream of being a magician. I owe him, I haven’t had chance to return his favour but one day I hope I will.

And that was my introduction to the world of magic. It all got a bit happier after that.

I study close up magic, mentalism and stage performing. My study includes misdirection, psychology, sleight of hand, hypnosis, human behaviour and many other elements which raise my ability to present the best in magic. As well as performing magic at weddings, parties, events and everywhere else I also create magic and teach, I also have two ‘students’ in magic. It’s a privilege to teach.

Some of my magic creations are featured in many top magicians repertoires around the world. One of my creations was performed by David Blaine in Harrison Fords house (seriously) and has over 2.5 million views on David Blaine's personal Youtube Account. Another of my creations is performed by one of the UK’s leading mentalists and was a feature in his theatre show. Pretty cool eh’!

It’s my Birthday today. I am learning, as people we grow and we can become.
And if you don’t believe me, try it.